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Where to buy the official Dragon Medical One system?

Where to buy the official Dragon Medical One cloud voice recognition system?

Buy direct from the distributor - Voice Recognition Australia

Key Advantages:

  • Cheaper than Dragon Medical 4

  • You can use your mobile phone as a wireless microphone (no need to buy an extra microphone)

  • Cloud based – voice profile stored in Australia servers and is backed up automatically.

  • Super fast dictation. The cloud does all the processing.

  • Voice-to-text engine is always updated resulting in greater accuracy.

  • Easy - lightweight install.

  • Constant cloud addition to your vocabulary ( i.e. new drug names).

  • No need to backup of any voice data - cloud automates this

  • Your trained voice profile is available wherever you go. Your practice, hospital, home, remote office.

  • Can be installed on a windows server.

  • Complies with Australian privacy and data security requirements as is hosted in Australia.​

Visit the Official Australia Website - Dragon Medical One Call 1300 255 900

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