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Top 10 reasons why Australian Doctors are upgrading to Dragon Medical One

Imagine being able to meet with patients and dictate notes throughout the entire examination or immediately after? With that dictated information going directly into a medical health record, any subsequent appointments would immediately be set up for success with a rich accurate record already in place for review.

upgrade to dragon medical one

As technology continues to evolve in healthcare, having an efficient solution for doctors to work with electronic health records that is faster than typing is sorely needed. Voice recognition software embraces that solution with Dragon Medical. Designed to alleviate on the spot medical transcription needs, this software has a number of features that make its easy implementation attractive to doctors and healthcare facilities.

Here are the Top 10 reasons:

  • Cost-effective

The Dragon Medical Voice Recognition software package saves time and money by alleviating the need to send out medical dictation for typing. I complete Dragon Medical system includes onsite or remote training, 12 months of help desk technical support, digital handheld noise cancelling microphone and PDF training guides.

  • Voice command templates

Many doctors have repetitive text which they need to insert into reports or consultations. With Dragon Medical you can assign standard text to a verbal command. That means you can simply say “insert endoscopy report” and Dragon will pre-fill out a document with a complete report which you simply need to modify saving you a significant amount of time each day. There is no limit to the amount of standardised reporting which can be assigned to voice command. Can you imagine the possibilities this gives you in terms of improving your efficiency with medical reporting? We can even help you create the specialised commands during our one-on-one training session.

  • Medical vocabularies

Imagine being able to say exactly what you mean, and it is place directly into your medical record software? With robust specialist medical vocabularies there’s no need to be concerned about whether a medical term will be transcribed accurately. A term will be transcribed correctly. The software includes vocabularies medical specialties and sub-specialties. Of course, you can add additional words on top of the specialised vocabulary as new drugs names are released.

  • The old Dragon Medical Practice Edition is End-Of-Life and unsupported

In the past, I purchased Dragon Medical Practice Edition. Is it worth upgrading to Dragon Medical One? As Dragon Medical One runs on the latest and greatest voice recognition engine developed by Nuance, it features a level of accuracy much greater than previous versions. But this cannot just be attributed to it being the most up-to-date system, but also due to its cloud-based functionality. Using the cloud services of Microsoft’s Azure platform, Dragon Medical One can completely ignore your local PC’s hardware, instead using Microsoft’s powerful cloud servers to produce accurate and efficient dictation that was previously not possible.

Using Dragon Medical One, you will be able to immediately begin dictating accurately right out of the gate as it requires no vocal profile training, this includes tedious tasks like accent detection/adjustments and microphone calibrations. It also uses a single, cloud-based profile that can be accessed from any computer you have installed Dragon Medical One to. All of this is achieved using the machine-learning capabilities of cloud-based technology to ensure you spend more time dictating and less time training.

  • Deep learning technology

The beauty of technology is that it consistently evolves and adapts to the speaker. The software is constantly learning and adapting to unique voice patterns and environmental variations while it is working to improve transcription performance, alleviating the need for voice training. That’s right, you don’t need to read stories to Dragon to train it. Dragon Medical will adapt on the fly and improve accuracy as you are using it. That means you are not wasting time doing any voice enrolment. You are immediately dictating into your medical records as soon as you have the program installed on your Windows computer (or Apple Mac when running Boot Camp/Windows)

  • Dragon Medical is encrypted and HIPAA compliant

One of the most important factors in utilising software for the medical field is ensuring it is HIPAA compliant and protects existing and future electronic health records. This is an American encryption compliant system. However it is similar to what the standards are in Australia and should give you the confidence that Dragon Medical complies with the necessary encryption standards in use worldwide.

  • Customisable

The software is fully customisable for your needs and is used by over 500,000 physicians worldwide. It works with a handheld or headset microphone which is wireless or corded and has an optional digital voice recorder setup. The software also has built-in and customisable macros for words and phrases doctors say the most for quick recording. Dragon Medical can be configured to suit your unique requirements and to integrate with your specialised medical records software. Our specialised team will ensure that this is a seamless process, it’s not something you need to worry about. Dragon Medical will just work.

  • Seamless integration

The program seamlessly integrates with other software currently being used to optimize and maximise the experience. It can also dictate into any program on a Windows computer, including Microsoft Word and Outlook. Additionally, the software allows dictation into any window with a text cursor. Dragon Medical also works with Shexie, best practice, medical director, Gentu, Helix, dental for Windows, VIP and any other electronic health record software available in the world. You don’t need to worry about integration. That something we’ll sort out when setting you up.

  • Instant document creation

The Dragon Medical practice edition works in any document typically used in a healthcare setting, including patient records, billing information, and treatment plans. Dragon Medical doesn’t create documents as such, it just works directly in your existing document systems. All you need to do is place the cursor we want the text to appear and Dragon Medical will instantly input the text as you speak. This makes it simple to use and means that you don’t have to change existing practices at all.

  • Saves time

Most doctors hate typing, and if they do decide to type it is physically taxing and tiring. With this medical voice recognition software, they are able to dictate, read their notes and check text immediately. This is useful, as the doctor can correct any inconsistencies that would not be caught when using a transcriptionist. By doing this, charts are more accurate while patient care is enhanced. Medical records are far richer and more accurate when using Dragon Medical. A doctor is much more likely to import multiple sentences when dictating as opposed to a few lines when typing. It’s simply more enjoyable to dictate using Dragon Medical practice edition that it is to pound away at the keyboard with two fingers!

With the launch of Australia’s eHealth medical records system, it is vitally important to have a dictation solution that also changes to help protect sensitive patient information. Dragon Medical Practice edition 4.1 is an easy, viable alternative to avoiding the errors and lags in time that usually occurs using human dictation. This improves the medical process from the beginning, providing more flexibility for the entire medical staff and freeing up the doctor’s time to focus on patients and not on typing or making voice recordings.

Getting started with Dragon Medical is easy and adaptable to your current electronic medical records system. Contact the Dragon Medical team for more information and how it can benefit you today on 1300 255 900 or fill out the rapid response form above.

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