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Why are medical practices switching to Dragon Medical Speech-to-Text?

With the increasing costs of medical transcription and the long lead times of employing a dedicated in-house typist it’s not surprising that thousands of medical centres in Australia are turning towards Dragon medical voice recognition software as a solution.

Dragon Medical voice recognition software enables the Doctor to directly dictate into Medical Director, Best Practice, Genie and any other medical records application. This completely eliminates expensive transcription services and the extensive delays that are in these type of services.

Many medical centres are also finding it difficult to recruit experienced efficient medical typists. Not only are very experienced typist expensive they are hard to find. By using Dragon Medical you can eliminate this requirement for an in-house typist. This will save you at least $8000 per month. An entire package of Dragon Medical is under $3500 thousand dollars and in some instances much lower than that – depending on your location and requirement.

So in most instances, the return on investment for Dragon Medical package can be achieved within about one month.

To learn more about Dragon Medical Voice recognition visit our new website specialising in solutions for medical professionals in Australia – you can also call 1300 255 992 today to speak to a professional voice recognition consultant.

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