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Join thousands of Australian Doctors today

The New Dragon Medical One is the cloud voice recognition system that empowers you to dictate directly into Genie, Best Practice, Shexie, Gentu and any other medical records.

Voice Recognition revolutionises the Medical Industry with fast accurate dictation into your medical records program. 

Say no to typing. Say no to expensive transcription and hello to fast voice dictation for consultation notes and medical letters.


With cloud-enabled Artificial Intelligence, Dragon Medical One inputs patient information with accuracy & speed.  Integrate Dragon into your medical records software application in under 30 minutes with our expert  Australian deployment team.

This specially designed software is supplied as a complete service to optimise your dictation. Save $200 this month.

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CALL: 07 5391 1303 
or  1300 255 900

Dragon  Medical system includes:

Dragon Medical One Licence (One Year)

12 months help/desk technical support

Free YouTube training videos.

Mobile App - Acts as a wireless microphone

Remote setup, configuration and training

Constant upgrades, update and improvements 

CALL 1300 255 900 NOW 

We understand the importance of accurate patient records. 
We also appreciate the value of a physician's time.  That's why we developed Dragon Medical One.  Medical One lets a clinician update a patient's record anytime from anywhere.  No more waiting to find a workstation or struggling to enter the data manually.  Instead, physicians can use their mobile phones to dictate patient notes from anywhere.  Using cloud-based technology, Medical One is easy to install and use.  Of course, we retained the quality features of the Dragon Medical Practice Edition, such as exceptional voice recognition and speech to text capabilities.   

Easy to Install 

Dragon Medical One leverages cloud-based technology to create a system that is easy to install and use.  A client application can reside on a local workstation or laptop, or it can be deployed on a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) as a virtual application.  All updates to the software are delivered automatically based on user preferences.  The IT department is no longer responsible for keeping the software up to date.  No more checking for updates or scheduling enterprise-wide installations during off-hours.  

Easy to Use

Once installed, clinicians open the client application and place the cursor where they want the medical dictation to start.  Text appears the moment dictation begins.  No complicated configurations or setup required.  Physicians can use the system within minutes of installation.  Dragon Medical One requires no voice profile training.  The software creates a single cloud‑based profile from a clinician's first use of the software.  Using artificial intelligence algorithms, accent adjustments, and microphone calibration are automatic.  From its first use, Dragon Medical One provides greater accuracy, requiring less of a physician's time.

Always Available

The Dragon Medical One solution is always available.  Using the single-voice profile created at first use, physicians can move seamlessly from one device to another throughout their day.  The voice profile is valid across all systems -- back-end, front-end, on-premise, or off.  The cloud-based solution removes obstacles that often delay updates of patient records.

The solution is designed for speed, accuracy, and flexibility.  It provides personalized vocabularies and templates to meet a physician's specific needs.  By adding Dragon Medical One's mobile application, PowerMic, clinicians can update patient records from anywhere at any time, using their mobile phone.  

Always Secure

Dragon Medical One complies with the 1988 Privacy Act for securing patient information.  The application is secured through Microsoft's Azure data center security.  The solution complies with a defense-in-depth strategy that ensures healthcare data is private and protected.

The secure software development lifecycle program is used to provide secure design and implementation governance.  It also ensures that applications are developed according to best practices for secure system development.

The cloud solution features 99.5% uptime and runs on geographically diverse locations to ensure the system is available.  Dragon Medical One operates on a redundant infrastructure with a comprehensive data recovery plan.  All of these features make a highly reliable and available system for fast, accurate, and secure operations.

Dragon Medical One 

Medical One uses the same dragon naturally speaking technology as the Dragon Medical Practice Edition.  It also retains critical features of the Medical Practice Edition, but it has engineered a scalable application that removes most of the IT support from the office.

  • Portable.   Dragon Medical One features speech profiles that can be accessed and shared across a wide range of devices.

  • Productive.  The application has no per device restrictions, so physicians are free to record as much as they want.

  • Economical.  The cloud-based solution is a subscription-based service that requires little up-front investment.  

  • Mobile.  Because access is through the cloud, clinicians are not restricted to a single device.  They can add notes to a patient's record from any workstation with or without a wired microphone.

  • Scalable.  A cloud-based solution is highly scalable.  It offers web-based central management, so you are always in control no matter how large your organization grows.

  • Compatible.  PowerMic Mobile is a smartphone-compatible application that runs on Android and iOS platforms.  The application is available from the App Store and Google Play Store.  The power of PowerMic is its ability to turn any workstation into a dictation station.  Using their smartphone as a microphone, clinicians can dictate, edit, and search through the enterprise.  PowerMic provides the trusted and secure communications link between the device and Dragon Medical One.

  • Secure.  Dragon Medical One uses 256-bit encryption for added security. 

                                       Call the official distributor on 1300 255 900 Today!

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