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  • Russell bewsell

New! Dragon Medical 4.2 Available in Australia

Dragon Medical Software has recently been updated to the new 4.1 version. This fixes a number of issues and makes substantial improvements to the efficiency of this medical grade voice recognition solution. Dragon Medical practice edition 4.1 also fixes a number of compatibility issues between Dragon Medical and the Microsoft Office suite of programs.

Dragon Medical practice edition 4.1 is now available from the two authorised Australian distributor's and Dictation Solutions Australia.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use documentation solution that makes it easier for clinicians to document care into the electronic medical record (EMR) using their voice five times faster than typing and saving them an hour or more per day. It is distinct from non-medical speech recognition, supporting more than 60 specialised medical vocabularies for Australian English.

Call today to inquire about Dragon Medical - PH: 1300 255 900


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