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Dragon Medical 4 now released in Australia

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has now been released in Australia. This allows medical professionals to dictate directly into their medical records software with up to 99% accuracy. With Dragon Medical practice edition 4 the doctor can dictate directly into Genie, Best Practice, medical director, Shexie, core plus, Cliniko and all other medical records programs. Dragon Medical 4 can completely eliminate the requirement for an in-house typist. This will save the average medical centre about $65,000 per year. If the medical centre is outsourcing their typing than Dragon Medical will eliminate the requirement for this outsourcing. This will save your average specialist medical centre $10,000-$30,000 - depending on the number of physicians.

In addition to saving tens of thousands of dollars, with Dragon Medical you get immediate results. The doctor will dictate directly into your records and complete the consultation. There is no requirement to send the audio, wait for it to be typed, have it returned checked and then sent back for edits. This lengthy process with outsourced dictation will be completely eliminated by using Dragon Medical voice recognition. The doctor will be empowered to complete their dictation accurately, immediately and in most cases the consultation notes we richer and more complete - leading to better patient outcomes.

Dragon Medical practice edition is installed locally on a Windows computer. Dragon Medical can also be installed on a Apple Mac using Boot Camp. With Boot Camp you are running Windows on your Mac but can still switch to the normal Mac operating system at any time.

Dragon Medical practice does not require an active Internet connection. This means that there are no security issues with sending data to overseas service. All the voice data is encrypted on your local machine and is never sent anywhere. This is highly secure and complies with local privacy laws.

Dragon Medical practice edition also accepts digital audio input. The doctor can dictate into their Olympus or Philips Digital voice recorder and have that audio transcribed by Dragon automatically. Staff can then check and listen to the recording but will not have to type. The dictation will already be automatically typed for staff to simply check and paste into your medical record software. This digital recording support is included with all Dragon Medical products.

Dragon Medical must be integrated into your medical record software. All Dragon Medical licences sold by the Australian distributor-Voice Recognition Australia (PH 1300 255 900) are provided with user training. This is provided either on site at the medical practice or via a remote training tool such as team viewer. It is essential that all doctors are provided with training. This ensures that Doctors rapidly uptake the use of voice recognition technology and recieve an immediate return on investment on the Dragon Medical package.

Each Dragon Medical 4 packages tailored to the unique requirements of the specialist medical centre. For information and pricing please contact the Australian distributor for Dragon Medical practice edition 4-Voice Recognition Australia on 1300 255 900


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