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Dragon Medical Practice Edition - No longer available. Replaced By Dragon Medical One

Nuance Healthcare have retired Dragon Medical Practice Edition as it is no longer for sale. Dragon Medical has been replaced by the Dragon Medical One Cloud service. Upgrade to Dragon Medical One today.

With years of development behind it, Dragon Medical Practice version 3 has significant upgrades over the previous edition.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Significant improvements in out-of-the-box accuracy compared to previous versions. Dragon Medical 3 now contains the latest and greatest speech engine from Nuance. Australian accent included!

  • Updated and improved specialist medical vocabularies. New drug names, medical procedures and other words have been added directly to the new version 3 medical speciality vocabularies. This makes the program more accurate because the newer terms are now contained in one of the 80 specialists vocabularies.

  • New Dragon bar. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3 has a redesign Dragon bar which can be dragged into different locations. So it’s much more convenient to use the Dragon menu in other programs.

  • Improve usability in windows 8.1. Dragon Medical Practice 3 is now optimised for Windows 8.1.

  • A simplified audio setup makes it easier for you to select your microphone or handheld recorder. It’s easier to use than previous versions.

  • It’s easy to manage dictations sources. For example, you might want to switch between your handheld Power Micc II and your wireless headset. The new version 3 makes it really easy to do this.

  • It’s now much faster and easier to set up a new voice profile with Dragon Medical 3. You don’t even have to complete any training any more, though we recommend you invest at least 10 minutes in getting the program use your voice.

  • Full compatibility with Microsoft Office 2013. Dragon Medical 3 is now up to date with the latest Microsoft Office applications.

  • New custom commands available you can now easily create variable voice macro commands which will make it really easy for you to generate repetitive text. That’s great for reports and other applications where you are consistently saying similar things the bottom line is it will save you a lot of time. we will show you how to do this during training

Of course our expert staff have now been trained for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3. That means you will get a rapid return on your investment, as we walk you through how to use the latest medical speech recognition software application in Australia. Voice recognition Australia will also provide helpdesk support in case you have any hiccups.

The best part of all is that the price has not increased. You are getting more accuracy, more responsiveness new vocabularies and same expert training for the same price. Because the product is so new there is very limited stock right now in Australia.

So call 1300 255 900 today to secure your version 3.

We also have upgrades available for existing Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 users.

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