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  • Russell bewsell

Olympus DS 7000 works great with Dragon 13

I’ve just been using the professional digital voice recorder – the Olympus DS7000 – with Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional 13 this week.

Dragon 13 has only been out for a few weeks, so I thought I would give the top of the range digital voice recorder from Olympus a go with Dragon speech recognition.

To be honest, I pretty impressed with the results. The DS 7000 is considered to be the best voice recorder for voice dictation and is in wide use by doctors and lawyers in Australia. To use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you simply set up a digital voice recorder profile and then drag the audio files to the DragonBar. You can also click transcribe within Dragon 13 and select the audio file for automatic transcription. It’s very straightforward.

It only takes a few seconds to process an audio file through Dragon NaturallySpeaking and a generate a result. I’m successfully using this method with many Doctors in Australia to greatly reduce their reliance on transcription services. In many instances they simply hand-off the DS7000 to their support staff who run the audio files through Dragon – which is on several computers within their medical practice. This saves support staff about 80 per cent of the time over using traditional manual typing methods. You can imagine what this means in a busy medical practice or legal practice. It frees up time for staff to do other activities.

So you can see it’s a huge advantage to use an Olympus DS 7000 with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 or with Dragon Medical Practice 2 edition.

I am working on a short video to demonstrate how Olympus voice recorders work with Dragon. But in the meantime, you can see what I how it works by viewing our Philips digital voice recorder demonstration with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.

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