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Dragon Professional – Features

Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional

More responsive, more accurate, and faster than ever, the Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional provides high quality speech recognition – allowing users to quickly create documents and spreadsheets by just using their voice. Voice interaction saves time and money while speeding up the production of Microsoft Word document, email and more. It also solves a demanding issue for computer users – quality text prepared in the shortest amount of time possible.

Why Choose Dragon Naturally Speaking ?

Dragon Professional has a significant a performance boost over version 10 and 11, as the software now utilizes the latest PC multi-core processors. The more you use Dragon 12 – the better the accuracy. Also, the natural-sounding text-to-speech feature of this software allows the correction and revision of text to be faster and simpler. Over a period of time the user learns to practice good dictation, thus correcting their pronunciations while still being able to create quality texts in just a manner of minutes. Dragon will train you how to dictate properly as you teach it your vocabulary!

This software is also convenient for Business Critical Applications. Users can dictate, edit, and format text in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and so on. Its can even be used to post status updates in major social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Using your voice in Gmail and Hotmail is also enhanced by the software.

Dragons Enterprise-Ready Multi-User Solutions have advanced security features, configuration and administrative tools that allows multiple installations, management of voice profiles, and other network features for large organisations.

The Dragon Voice Shortcuts is capable of controlling performances that requires clicking of the mouse like for instance saying “Send email to John” or even “Search Maps”. A user can easily control his applications and automate business processes by voice. The Dragon 12 is also flexible and mobile. The user can transcribe anywhere and anytime with a Nuance-approved digital voice recorder such as the Olympus DS7000.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 has a 20% improvement in out-of-box accuracy compared to the earlier versions. The software allows efficient editing of words or phrases. This interaction delivers trouble-free editing, allowing you to proofread faster. Also, an interactive tutorial is provided for new users, as it walks you through good dictation, correction and editing.

For more information about Dragon Software Call 1300 255 900(Australia).

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