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Which microphone for Dragon Dictation?

USB Microphone and Your Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

Your Dragon Naturally Speaking software experience will not be successful without a quality microphone or digital voice recorder, which is critical to bringing clear and crisp sound into the computer. One of the best ways to input high quality voice audio into your computer is through a

USB microphone. The USB microphone acts like a mini sound card with built-in digital audio interface. It can easily capture quality sound and transform it into a signal accepted by a computer. If you are looking for the right kind of USB microphone to suit your needs in speech recognition, then read further.

Types USB Microphone

You must have been familiar with the old style the microphone input or jack. This is what most people used before in order to get sound into the computer. A USB microphone has replaced this 3.5mm input. Older style 3.5 mm headset microphones are largely useless for speech recognition applications. Its time to step up to the latest generation in noise cancelling digital microphones.

Dragon Naturally Speaking software is optionally packaged with a quality USB microphone – such as the excellent and accurate NC181VMUSB microphone. This is one type of microphone suited for any environment as noise canceling is built in. Using the Andrea USB microphones will greatly improve Dragon Naturally Speaking’s accuracy. Be warned though, cheap USB microphones like the Logitech and eBay USB microphones have low quality components and often return terrible accuracy with speech recognition software.

Setting Your USB Mic

Once you have your USB mic, do not forget to set it up properly. Run the “Audio Setup” wizard in Dragon Naturally Speaking and set the microphone as directed. Then enjoy fast, accurate dictation! You must run this wizard at least once a week for accurate results.

We can offer expert advice on what microphone’s work best with Dragon Naturally Speaking as we have over 13 years experience with Dragon in Australia.

Call 1300 255 900 or visit Voice Recognition Australia for pricing and information.

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