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What is Speech Recognition Software?

Wondering what Dragon NaturallySpeaking is all about?

Then it’s about time you read more about speech recognition technology – software designed to turn your speech into text!

Why do Professionals use Dragon Speech Recognition ?

Professionals need a reliable and accurate tool when recording or transcribing important dictation Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Professional provides unrivaled productivity and saves much time and effort. There are over 100 new features and enhancements in the new version 12 over version 11.

Simply dictate into your Olympus/Philips digital voice recorder and the run the recording through your Dragon 12 software. The text immediately appears in a word or text document within seconds. Your dictation is transcribed fast! There’s no three days to a week turnaround and 50 cents per line charge rubbish!

There are versions for both Mac and PC, and they are all now faster and more accurate than ever . The multiprocessors being used in current computers are much faster, and handle multiple functions while using the same or less resources. Dragon 12, makes better use of this enhanced processing capability, by giving you greater control over editing and faster response times.

Easy to Install and Use

Speech recognition software is easy to use. All you need in addition to your PC, is an approved quality USB headset microphone. The microphone comes with the software as part of the package. Then, you simply plug in your microphone and follow on-screen instructions after starting the software. Your speech is converted to text and appears on the screen as you speak.

Files can be edited at any time as they are normal Microsoft Word documents. As you progress, Dragon 12 learns the way that your phrases, words or numbers are formatted – and it learns about your voice, style and grammar. This improves accuracy over time.

There is now an interactive tutorial with some exercises that show the best practices for editing, dictating, and formatting. The tutorial is available at any time from the Help menu and with practice, you can create documents from speech in minutes.

You can also have your text read back to you in a natural sounding voice, and you can also replay your voice in a particular sentence – to check for accuracy. The text to speech conversion capability makes it easier to go through your emails by voice, if you use Outlook or web mail services such as Gmail. Dragon 12 will also execute most major keyboard and browser commands, such as copy and paste.

With social networking becoming a part of the everyday activity of almost everyone online, you can now post updates to your Facebook or Twitter accounts with a few simple commands, such as “Post to Facebook” . These options can be toggled on and off as needed.

Once you begin using Dragon 12, you can customize many of the features, so that it works in a way that is comfortable for you. You can even use Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 without installing it locally on your computer. If your computer is running Windows server 2008 or the Ultimate version of Windows 7,you can gain access to Dragon 12, through Microsoft’s free Remote Desktop Connection application. .

Australian sales and support

Training, technical support and good advice are critical to ensuring that you make the most out of your speech recognition software. Voice Recognition Australia have been selling, training and supporting Dragon speech recognition users for 14 years in Australia and are ready to help you too!

So Buy Online Now or call 1300 255 900 for expert dictation advice.

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