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Dragon Premium Review

Speech recognition software allows you to turn your voice into text on a computer or a compatible device. Dragon is speech recognition software that keeps on redefining boundaries of speech to text technology. The latest edition, Dragon Premium contributes significantly to personal productivity in a way that was unprecedented previously. Buy Dragon Dictate Software today.

For more information – please call the Australian Distributor of Dragon – on 1300 255 900

Here are Dragons key benefits.


You can use dragon 12 premium with your digital voice recorder and have all your words turned into text at a high level of accuracy. It will also give you a transcribed text output at a speed that is three times faster than manual typing. This means that, if you were given a choice between taking dictating or typing writing your notes, talking would be more efficient in both time and effort, all thanks to Dragon 12 premium.


Now it is possible to have all manner of writing documents created by Dragon instead of you having to type them. The list of items includes emails, reports, spreadsheets and to do list. You can enhance your social experience by dictating responses to your device instead of typing them, and your conversations will be more life-like. Talking directly to Dragon is most accurate when done with a USB Microphone or a quality wireless headset.

Editing functions

Once you have your words on the screen, you can use the Dragon software for the editing process. It also has a text-to-speech feature that will sound natural. This allows you to keep doing your work elsewhere as you listen for errors.It is the work of the right software to adapt to your voice and reduce errors after a short period. Dragon 12 allows customization based on your own preference for words, acronyms or names. You can program unique phrases to the software using a simple process. Even if you do not alter the software’s default configuration, it will still adapt to your speech pattern and learn from your corrections . That way Dragon learns and adapts to your voice – leading to higher accuracy.


With the Dragon premium 12 software, it is possible to avoid typing stress. It is even possible to use your digital voice recorder as a microphone to record dictation for later transcription into Dragon Premium. You can go on and collect thoughts, anywhere with a Nuance approved digital voice recorder.

User help

Starting to dictate to a program can be intimidating. To remedy this problem, the developers of Dragon 12 premium privides context sensitive hints and tips, and a comprehensive interactive tutorial simulation and expansive help features- included with the software.

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