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  • Russell bewsell

Dictate. Dictation. What are my options?

Need to Dictate?

An excellent article was posted today on Voice Recognition Australia technology blog. The dictation article goes through the various options for your transcription needs. It covers the basics from using a third-party transcription service offshore through to employing an in-house typist. And the costs and risks associated with outsourcing your dictation.

The article also covers how voice recognition can be an alternative to traditional dictation services and in-house typing. So if you have a busy medical practice or legal firm then consider reading this article to inform yourself about your options in 2017 if you need to dictate. And I’m sure you do if you work in these professional areas.

It’s also worth mentioning that the article about “How to dictate in 2017” also covers the use of mobile phones and digital voice recorders combined with voice recognition to solve the transcription cost problem.

If you have an urgent requirement for Voice Recognition to replace your expensive transcription service then please call PH: 1300 255 900 today.

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