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Where to buy official Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software in Australia?

When you’re spending your hard-earned cash on speech recognition software, make sure that you are buying the official Dragon Professional product from the authorised Australian distributor.

Call the Voice Recognition Australia on 1300 255 900 or visit

You especially want to target a distributor with experience with the software. That’s because at some point you probably going to need help setting up or installing the product. You might need some training and you probably need advice about what is the best noise cancelling microphone to use.

We advise people to purchase from reputable retailers with at least 10 years experience with speech

recognition technology. You might save $10-$20 by buying from one of those discount el-cheapo online retailers, who usually don’t have stock and take over a week to deliver. But you will regret that decision if you need any assistance with Dragon NaturallySpeaking It is complex software after all. Oh, and they often don’t have the latest version. Upgrade Dragon today.

We’ve had several complaints from people who have bought from eBay, gumtree and so on. It all went south because those sellers on eBay were not selling an official product , and the installation serial key did not work. When the sorry souls who went the cheap route called Nuance for assistance, unfortunately, Nuance had to advise them that they had bought a pirated product and could not help them. Don’t make that mistake by paying twice…

Voice Recognition Australia has been selling Dragon Naturally Speaking since the year 2000, so they have a huge amount of experience in advising customers about how to get the best from the product. They also stock a large range of digital microphones, so there’s always one that will suit your unique requirements. Their Dragon training programs can be delivered on-site or remotely at affordable rates.

Call an expert. You’ll be glad you did.

PH: 1300 255 900 TODAY or Visit the Australian Dictation Website

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