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  • Russell bewsell

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal – Australian edition released today

Nuance Communications has announced the availability of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal for Australian solicitors. This is the fastest and most accurate speech recognition software for legal professionals in the world. This legal speech recognition software contains a very specific legal vocabulary that helps legal professionals, law firms and corporate legal departments be more efficient and more productive.

Using Dragon Legal 15 you can simply dictate instead of using the keyboard to create an abundance of day-to-day documentation and administrative tasks in less than half the time. You can dictate directly into LawMaster, Microsoft Word, Outlook and just about any application on your Windows PC. Dragon 15 built-in legal dictionary ensures that the transcription is highly accurate and focused on legal dictation.

Dragon Legal 13 carries over some of the significant advantages of the Dragon Professional 13 product. This includes at least a 15% increase in accuracy over version 12 legal. And much higher accuracy then version 11 legal. So if you’re considering upgrading to the latest version of Dragon legal 13, now is the time because you will receive tangible benefits in accuracy and speed.

On top of this Australian legal dictionary, you can also create a personalised corporate dictionary on top of this legal vocabulary. So now you have a highly focused legal specific vocabulary containing the terms, names and phrases that are relevant to your particular circumstances. This creates a tightly focused Australian specific legal vocabulary that will ensure that you have very high accuracy whenever you dictate.

You can also use Dragon Legal 15 with a digital voice recorder such as the Olympus DS-9000 and the Phillips DPM-8000. This requires a slightly different training method, but Voice Recognition Australia can offer on-site or remote training to ensure that you get the return on investment that you expect. We will walk you through every step of the way when setting up Dragon legal in your practice.

Now available for immediate purchase by calling 1300 255 900.

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