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  • Russell bewsell

Dragon Naturally Speaking Software Review

Have you ever heard of Jarvis, Iron Man’s personal computer assistant?

Ever wanted a personal assistant like the iPhone 4s’s Siri on your desktop? Well, search no more. Nuance Communications brings us the PC’s Siri, Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Set aside your keyboards and mouse because Dragon allows you to interact with your PC using your voice. Just plug in the headset that comes with the product and state your command. Voila, the task is done.

What can you do with this software per se? With a voice recognition program such as Dragon 12, you can operate your computer utilizing your voice. Instead of keying an article such as this, you can stop typing and start talking!

Simply open a word processor and dictate the commands that you want Dragon to encode. Another wonderful thing about Dragon is that it comprehends and completes voice commands like highlighting, aligning even copy and pasting. Dragon Naturally Speaking is not only functional in word processors; but it can also open programs, send e-mails and browse through pictures without any interference from a mouse or a keyboard. It can even surf the web for you, instead of typing a search query just command search then state the subject of the search and presto! The search material automatically appears right before your eyes. Isn’t it magic?

This amazing voice software can be easily used even by people without technical know-how. It comes with a simple installation process that gets the software running in just minutes. It also comes with the Dragon Sidebar that puts important voice commands and tips in one desktop location for at-a-glance convenience. It also has an improved on-screen help and tutorials for users’ convenience.

Voice to text software is truly amazing. If you are one of those people who want to have things done in the computer with just a snap of finger and personalized with your voice commands, this software is for you.

To order Dragon Voice Recognition Software Today call 1300 255 900 Now.

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