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Pathology and Dragon Medical One

Hundreds of pathologists in Australia use the Dragon Medical voice recognition software package.

Recently Voice Recognition Australia worked directly with Helix Pathology in Queensland, where a complete Dragon Medical solution was implemented in this busy lab. This has saved Helix at least $80,000 per year. Helix realised a 100% return on investment within about 60 days. This was completed on-site by our Dragon medical specialist trainers who are available Australia wide to help implement speech recognition in your pathology lab.

Many years ago a product was available in Australia called PathSpeak. Unfortunately, the company that made this product no longer exists (Voice Perfect). It was only compatible within Windows XP. Many busy pathology laboratories – including government – have now transitioned to Windows 7/8/10 as PathSpeak does not work in the newer version of windows.

Fortunately, there is a far superior solution available. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3.2 has a specific specialised Vocabulary targeted specifically for pathology. This radically improves accuracy and therefore your efficiency when using speech recognition. Also Dragon Medical is on the latest Nuance speech recognition engine. So if you’ve been stuck on the path speak product than now is the time to transition to a superior voice recognition product that is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 – Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

Contact Voice Recognition Australia today on 1300 255 900 for information and pricing for your Pathology Laboratory.

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