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  • Russell bewsell

Dragon Medical One Available in Australia!

UPDATE: Dragon Medical Practice Edition has reached End-Of-Life and most Doctors have upgraded to Dragon Medical One. Don't be caught with redundant software and upgrade today.

This update from version 3 brings a range of compatibility improvements and bug fixes for Windows 10 and office 2016. Users of version 2 and version 3 can upgrade to the latest 3.2 for $949. However this is probably only necessary if you have just moved to Windows 10. Please be aware that you may be auto updated to Windows 10 if you have certain settings in your current Windows configuration.

If you are forced under Windows 10 you can continue to use version 2 or version 3 but you may have difficulties with some commands and features. You will definitely need to go to Dragon Medical 3.2 if you are using office 2016 – as this is a significant departure from the previous office version in terms of its compatibility with Dragon Medical.

You have any questions about the latest version please call Voice Recognition Australia on 1300 255 900.

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