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Dragon Legal 14 Now available in Australia

Dragon Legal 14 has been released in Australia.

Regardless of practice size, legal professionals face document overload which means paperwork backlogs, increased transcription costs, and less focus on billable work. There’s a better way. Manage legal documentation by voice with Dragon Legal speech recognition.

Many legal practitioners face seemingly endless documentation demands. Preparation of case files, contracts, briefs and memoranda leaves less time for client service and billable work. Dragon Legal Individual streamlines documentation processes by letting you dictate and edit legal documents and format citations automatically—all by voice.

  • Accelerate legal documentation turnaround for improved client service

  • Insert standardized content quickly by voice using Auto-texts commands

  • Short-cut repetitive tasks by creating custom voice commands

  • Free up support staff to focus on higher-value, billable tasks

For information and Legal 14 pricing call Voice Recognition Australia on 1300 255 900 today.
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