Dragon Legal 15

Voice to Text software optimised for Australian Legal Professionals.

Dragon Professional Legal 15 - Streamline your workflow

Dragon Legal software provides a simple and powerful solution to meet the needs of busy legal professionals.

With Dragon Legal, you can work faster and smarter, as the voice recognition software allows you to dictate documents, send emails, search the internet, and run commands on your computer, all just by using your voice.

What Dragon brings to legal professionals
Because Dragon Legal has been designed to enhance the productivity of the legal professional, there are a number of features unique to the specific edition of the software:  Preconfigured with an Australian vocabulary that includes over 30,000 legal terms, Dragon voice recognition software offers an out-of-the-box accuracy rate of almost 99 per cent and is incredibly easy to set up.

The ability to import or export custom word lists can allow anyone to add names, terminology or places that are required in your area of the world, while the new notations feature enables a user to simultaneously make notes outside of transcribed text.

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Dragon Professional Legal Individual Package Options

Dragon Professional Legal 15 Licence 

12 months help/desk technical support

Optional digital voice recorder set-up

Handheld or headset microphone. Wireless or Corded.

On-site or remote training

Video Tutorials

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